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***There will be no more Toning Circles in AUSTRALIA – as I now live in Thailand

Thailand workshops will be posted here – COMING 🙂

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Toning to bring balance and harmonic resonance to the chakras is an ancient tradition. The therapeutic benefits are highly effective, non-invasive and profound in creating sustained balance and well-being.

This workshop explores traditional toning methods in balancing the chakras, and some of the latest sound therapy methods in restoring harmonic balance and well-being for the spiritual, emotional and physical. Your chakras truly represent a pathway to awaken the full spectrum of human potential, learn practical self-healing techniques for an empowering journey of self-discovery!

Research also shows that toning has a neuro-chemical effect on the body, boosting the immune system and causing the release of endorphins in the brain. Toning can release psychological stress, lower blood pressure and respiratory rate and is effective in relieving insomnia. It also improves our breathing and posture, massages the muscles of the digestive system and relaxes and energises us at the same time.
Topics covered in this hands on course will include toning individual chakras, group toning, fundamental tones, working with your breath and chakras, body scanning, vowels and consonant toning, toning using tuning forks/singing bowls.
(Toning Level 2 coming soon)


(Bring out your inner musician!)
Creative sessions of spontaneous self-expression through musical exploration for those who have limited experience or who have the perception that they have no musical ability. Held in a supportive and non-judgemental environment without any rules, structure or attachment to outcomes.

Wellbeing through light and sound…