What makes the Koshi wind chimes so unique

I talk to a lot of people at Expos, Markets and Festivals when I am showing them the Koshi wind chimes.
As a musician I explain what is so special about the Koshi chimes from a musical sense, then explain that these chimes are quite different to most chimes available today. There are dozens and dozens of chimes on the market that are more pretty looking or architectural rather than musically formed.

Not only are the Koshi chimes very reasonably priced, but they are in fact a beautifully tuned musical instrument. Each chime tuning has eight notes, each group of eight notes unique to that tuning, each is a delightfully tuned harmonic musical instrument in the form of either Earth, Fire, Air or Water.

So what does this mean. The simplest explanation is that the chimes not only sound great, but they make you feel great too. The harmonic tuning in the chimes creates within the listener’s brain a particular resonance that releases chemicals creating a peaceful, calm, relaxing and joyful experience.

Not only does this awareness create a sense of general wellbeing, but it also transforms any thoughts or feelings that are not creating a joyful, uplifting and calm state of mind.

Because of their soft and gentle harmonics there are no discordant sounds within the range of notes of each tuning. They also are not too loud or overpowering in a strong wind, and all four Koshi chimes can be hung together, creating a virtual orchestra of tones.

Another wonderful feature of the Koshi wind chimes is that you can hang them inside also and benefit from their tones, as they only need a gentle breeze when hung in front of a window or opening to get them singing. Perfect for people who live in close proximity to each other e.g units/flats as they will not annoy the neighbours.

And lastly the beautiful tones are all created from within the chime, not exposed as is the case with almost all other chimes. The light weight, yet robust bamboo veneer casing hides all of the inner workings, offering a classic looking clean line chime, whose beauty can grace almost any location.

Wellbeing through light and sound…