What Makes Koshi Wind Chimes So Appealing

Living in Australia it is so easy to escape the ‘unnatural’ sounds of the city and escape to the quiet tranquility of our natural landscapes. Here away from urban ‘noise’ we can relax surrounded by the sounds of nature, where it is so easy to experience clarity, peace of mind, and a general sense of well being. These ‘escapes’ away from the hustle and bustle are all too short and invariably we have to return to our homes and place of employment.

All sound impacts us, sounds that are of a particular frequency enhance our well being, sounds that are discordant can be annoying, harsh, irritating, stressful and can create tension. Over time if we are unable to remove/escape these harsher sounds, they can impact us and create an imbalance in our mind and body. This can produce dis-ease and stress and illness may follow.

Unfortunately we don’t always have the opportunity to spend weekends away re-balancing with nature, so how can we bring that same sense of tranquility we experience there into our home/office? One way to do that is to consciously choose to have sounds around you that are harmonic. (tones that have a soothing enhancing resonance – they have a specific relationship between certain frequencies and others).

Wind chimes have been used for centuries to remove negative energies in spaces where they are hung and to enhance these spaces with positive energy. Not all wind chimes are able to do that however, as many are more about appearance than musicality. These chimes are mostly untuned and discordant.

An exception to this is the handcrafted Koshi Wind Chimes made in the French Alps.These finely crafted chimes are manufactured in such a way that all of their tones are harmonic. They are produced in four elemental tunings of (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) with each tuning having eight harmonic tones inside.

This is achieved by the specific selection of the notes within each tuning, for example Water – notes are ADFGADFA, Earth – notes are GCEFGCEG, Air – notes are ACEABCEB and Fire – notes are GBDGBDGA. Each group of notes in each tuning is harmonic, and each tuning is harmonic with the other tunings.

Sound Samples of the Koshi chimes can be heard in the link below.

The artistry and skill in their construction is based on proven musical (mathematical) principles, and that is why they have such a gentle, beautiful and appealing sound. Their precise tuning creates a play of clear tones rich in overtones (each pitch that we hear contains addition pitches within it that are termed overtones). The overtones of the shorter chords dominate and become fundamentals giving a beautiful circular musical range. The body of the Koshi chimes are made from an eco-friendly natural bamboo veneer. The tones are created inside the chime where the eight steel pins are randomly struck by the paddle moving below.

You will have noticed from listening to the sound samples just how beautiful the Koshi chimes are. They produce such a delightful dance of sounds all of which enhance our environment and well being through their harmonic resonances. Their effect on our brain and our general sense of well being is attributed to their capacity to enhance the alpha-theta brainwaves. These brain waves are the ones that create a very relaxed, gentle, calm and peaceful awareness – and this is what makes the Koshi chimes so appealing and highly sought after.

The Koshi’s can be hung any where there is a breeze (inside or out), and are best protected from the elements. Their soothing uplifting tones are popular with home owners, Feng Shui practitioners, therapists, yoga and meditation studios and early childhood educators.They enhance the vibrational frequency of home, office and workplaces alike.

To listen to sound samples and to purchase Koshi Wind Chimes please go to – http://www.thealchemyofsound.com.au/koshi-wind-chimes/
For further information please call Pratika – 0435 447 693

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