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Wellbeing through sound...     Relax      Rebalance      Rejuvenate

Tuesday morning session 10.30am-11.30am
On Tuesdays I welcome to Bhavan (Doonan) those who would like to experience the profound changes in awareness, balance, centering and calmness using the voice, in the ancient practice of chakra toning. Your chakras truly represent a pathway to awaken the full spectrum of human potential, you will be learning practical self-healing techniques for an empowering journey of self-discovery!The human energy field is composed of seven main spheres of activity called chakras, which are stacked in a column that spans from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These organising centres serve as a coordinating network for our complex body-mind system. Each chakra plays an essential role with respect to different aspects of our physiology and psychology. When the chakras function in harmony, energy is able to flow freely for our highest good.Toning is a therapeutic modality, using the sounding of specific vowels and consonants, to restore balance and harmony to the primary energy centres of the body (chakras) – many refer to this experience as a ‘deep inner massage.’The therapeutic benefits of this practice can assist with deep relaxation, stilling the mind and chakra balancing, including the all important throat chakra, activation of energy meridians, opening of the compassion heart centre, joy, higher awareness and inner calm.In a supportive weekly group environment participants are guided through various breathing and toning exercises.A meditative music offering will conclude each toning session.No prior experience is needed.

Light refreshments are provided afterwards.

Investment – $15 per person.

To assist in organising the space and numbers, if you are attending please contact me.

Please feel free to share this event with those who you feel will benefit from these mornings of harmonic balance.

Sunshine Coast 4 hour Toning Р(date for 2015 to be announced).

This very special day is part of the weekly¬†Tuesday¬†toning circle, held at ‘Bhavan’. Having recently returned from the US after attending a 12 hour toning, I can personally vouch for the amazing shifts in energy that this event shall bring.

Love offering – $20

Please bring a PLATE TO SHARE.

***If you would like to attend, it is NECESSARY to have attended at least ONE of the weekly 1 hour toning sessions, held each Tuesday at 10.30-11.30am.

Now what is a 4 hour toning, you may ask? Well it is exactly as it sounds…you tone for 4 hours. Now this does not mean that you have to tone for all that time, although you are most welcome to.

The idea is you tone gently any one, or combinations of the chakra tones, or any tone that you are comfortable with for a given period within one hour. I will be playing in the background my new CD ‘Stillness’, which is ideal to tone along with. Then after each hour, or before if needed, you are welcome to leave the circle of toners to – stretch your legs, rest your voice, go to the bathroom, or to meditate. So not everyone will leave after that hour, so the circle will have toners in it continuously, people leave and come back to the circle as they please, but all the while holding the intention for this event, which will be WORLD UNITY. Every hour a gong will be sounded. Within each hour you are also welcome to be silent and meditate on the others’ toning, then rejoin when you are inspired.

All I would ask is, if you are not toning and are out of the circle please be silent. It is really important to hold the energy as pure as possible for the maximum benefit of all.

Also please bring your crystals/flowers so we can create a central crystal energy vortex.

Also I would ask no eating please in the 4 hours. Eating does dilute the energy shifts, and can be a distraction to others. So be prepared, perhaps by bringing a pre-made liquid drink to have next to you. It is IMPORTANT to keep the throat and vocal chords well lubricated (numerous small sips) during the 4 hours.

This will be such a beautiful experience, one that will create new vibrational opportunities, also a lovely way to end the year, and most potent in setting yourself up energetically for 2015.

Afterwards we can have a feast, as we will need to ground ourselves before driving home.

Wellbeing through light and sound…