Therapeutic benefits of Koshi wind chimes

“A state of balance, relief, serenity and peace is attained when listening to the sound of harmonic wind chimes. Wind chimes transform temperament and atmosphere. The beautiful melodies of chimes create a sense of joy, inner peace and natural calm, making them a delightful gift to yourself and others you care about.”

“The harmonic resonant sounds of wind chimes helps rid the body of stress and emotional blockages. They calm the mind and rejuvenate tired nerves. Wind chimes reduce depression, offering a soothing and therapeutic effect on the body by fostering peace and well being”.

* Koshi wind chimes are harmonically tuned. Their potency lies in their capacity through their vibrational frequencies to bring the above benefits with ease – naturally. There is nothing you have to consciously do, just hearing the Koshi wind chimes their therapeutic benefits are immediately felt,  and are ongoing.

 My wife and I absolutely love Koshi wind chimes, never tiring of their beauty. We are delighted to be able to share them with those attending our regular events, and also to sell them through The Alchemy of Sound website. No matter what your experience is, these amazing chimes are unique and bring so many benefits. Enjoy which we know you will, their gentle and pure tones.

Wellbeing through light and sound…