The D minor Freenotes Wing and the integral Hang

The integral hang made in Switzerland has grown enormously in popularity since its creation in 2000. Many thousands of people around the world have either seen a hang, and are waiting to hear if their application for ownership has been successful, or have applied for one of a number of instruments now being made in an attempt to create a similiar harmonic range of tones.

My wife Maia has had her integral hang for around four years now. We visited Felix and Sabina, the makers of the hang when we were in Switzerland a few years ago.

We have recently began importing into Australia the Freenotes Wing. These extraordinary instruments have a range of tunings – A and D minor, and G and C major. My wife realised recently that the tuning on the D minor Wings was very similiar to the tuning of the D integral hang.

Hang – A, Bb, C, D, E, F, A, D, and the base F.
Wing – D, E, F, A, Bb, D, E, F, A

As you can see both have 9 notes,  the only note not shared is the C.
Comparitive Weights – Hang approx 6 kgs, D Wing 1 kg
Travelling – I believe Hang can still be carried on as onflight luggage on international travel and most internal destinations (check individual airlines as restrictions do apply especially in smaller regional travel), D Wing can easily fit into your suitcase.
I have spoken to many, many people who have expressed varying degrees of disappointment in their desire to own a hang, but feel the chances are virtually impossible given the world wide demand, and the limited number of instruments made each year. They also are aware of the cost of the instrument and the need to fly to Switzerland to choose an instrument if their application is successful.

If it is the harmonic tonal range you love with the hang, do you realise that the harmonic D minor Freenotes Wings is virtually the same tuning, a fraction of the cost, and are available within a few months. You may also be interested in the three other tunings in the Freenotes Wings.

At The Alchemy of Sound we are privileged to be the sole importers of the Freenotes Wings in Australia and New Zealand. Check out our website for info, YouTube videos and prices, you could be playing a Wing within the month…

Cheers – Pratika

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