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Retreat Centre – 30 klms from Chiang Mai in N Thailand is a unique transformational retreat space. We offer regular retreats and ceremonies, and the space for you to hold private retreats for growth and transformation. Yin Portal is for developing your greatest gift, the greater YOU.

We will shortly post a list of retreats for 2016. If you are interested in attending a retreat, or running your own retreat, please contact us ASAP for info. and be sure to book early. Once contacted I will send you a price list with various options you can choose from. Thank you.

Pratika –

7980757_origWe celebrate that you commit to transforming your life in a most positive and energy clearing way, in the lush high energy landscape of the jungle mountains. The centre manager is Noot, she is an authentic Indochina Shaman, who is not only the creator of this space, but the primary teacher at its retreats and sacred ceremonies.7274683_orig


5574355_origNoot’s ancestral roots arise from Indochina, where she is rooted in Thai culture and Buddhist tradition. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, Vipassana practitioner and shamanic healer. Noot has also studied with masters and indigenous elders from Asia, North and South America, Arabic regions, Europe and Australia. With this depth of traditional teachings and philosophies, Noot is highly qualified and highly sought after wisdom teacher, in her healing and shamanic work, combining Thai Buddism elements of mantras, mandalas and chanting with a number of other healing modalities from a variety of esoteric traditions.


Her spiritual upbringing in her Thai farming community makes her an ideal teacher for those wanting to experience traditional Thai rural culture. Noots upbringing and her very close connection with the Mother Earth elements, is a passion passed onto her students. She is strongly committed to enforcing and keeping Thai community traditions alive, and in support of this runs a number of rural community support programs.

1458574_964935720249412_2794860716310400122_nFeeling the deepest bond and closeness with Mother Gaia, Noot has spent a big part of her life in the jungle, living alone side by side with plants and animals in a jungle monastery. She actively uses the healing powers of jungle plants and herbs in her work.

5174850_origSince 2006 Chiang Mai has been Noot’s city base. Here she has promoted healthy life style awareness, and founded and co-founded juice bars, yoga and wellness centers and events, and Yin Portal retreat center. She has also organized a number of festivals including the annual Chiang Mai Soul Festival.

Noots works in direct partnership with the Divine Mother God consciousness, Mother Earth consciousness, the wisdom and cosmic connection of indigenous ancestors and the Angelic realms, to support positive and sustainable life on this most beautiful and sacred planet, so as to raise awareness of the tremendous stresses and abuses she and many of her people are experiencing at this moment.

6263675_orig“I was trained as a Shaman by my father, who was the village shaman in our Thai village. This wisdom and knowledge has been passed down through our family for five generations. The essence of Shamanism is based on the belief that everything that exists within creation is alive and interconnected in the wonderful and ever-changing web of life.
2190442_origThis ancient systems teaches us we are related to all parts of creation, including plants, animals, minerals, and the invisible spirits of water, air, earth, and fire. Shamanism helps us to stay in balance and harmony in Body, Mind and Spirit. I look forward to meeting you and sharing these wonderful gifts so that they may bring you the same joy, peace, love, and empowerment they have brought to me” …Noot

Wellbeing through light and sound…