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11054382_1559297571002847_8515374621147637119_n“I had the most relaxing, enlightening & just AMAZING Session with Pratika on the Pineal Gland Activation Light this morning – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! A beautiful experience unlike anything I’ve ever had before, fast-tracking me into ‘the Presence’, that left me in the most deliciously relaxed state of absolute Peace, all day! An absolute MUST do for raising consciousness and relieving all stress!!!” Diana Sandalwood.

“Absolutely loved the experience!! It has certainly created an ‘activation’ on many levels of my being, After receiving my first session yesterday I had quite a few great insights and clarity around things. Today my heart feels buzzing and there is a deep grounded sense of beingness. And that was only my first!!” Thank you Pratika!!! Oriya Voice Weaver

1510600_857959300950589_8177728723965144922_nJust had my second session of the Ajna light with Pratika and felt a deep connection to nature, to the wisdom of total interconnection with all of life. I was awake but also asleep during this meditative state, opened to psychic vision in a harmonious natural and powerful way. I feel so open and aware of everything. Not even music nor emotions can describe this session. I felt and saw layer upon layer of frequencies and colours which transgressed into a fluid, flowing, white river of energy. This is something that normally takes me hours to get into that state but with the light it was instant. I believe it is associated with higher knowledge, the subtler aspects of sight and intuition. Can’t wait to see what transpires. I’ll have another session soon after I have integrated all of this.   Sharon

Since I have had the 2 sessions with the Anja Light Pratika, I have noticed an increased level of clarity and ability to tune into clients immediate needs. Information that I need has been flowing though effortlessly…and healings are more profound. I will be back for more!!”   Rinnell

“Feeling so blissed out this morning after my 3rd session with the Anja Light, Pineal Gland Activator with Pratika. Each session has been different..this time I was very quickly taken to a deep Delta state, this usually takes a long time in meditation. Time was non existent and at the end could barely speak as I came out of this altered state of consciousness. How do you find words for something so blissfully beautiful as this? I will try…….sharing because some have asked me to, and when you come across a good thing..why not share it!! With eyes closed I saw with my “inner eye” a huge kaleidoscope of the most magnificent colours and patterns you can only imagine, Changing, swirling , pulsing like luminous liquid light, Sacred geometry patterns continuously installing their codes into my very being. Speaking to me on a level that the mind can’t comprehend. I saw two of my guides that were present, crystal clear as though on a movie screen. (both native American) I felt their compassion towards me, I was seeing the Universe as it really is……..pure, pure light, pure energy. I was seeing higher self, just how it really is. Just like you really are…In fact their is no real distinction between the two..
Since the second session I’ve gained more clarity and insight, heightened intuition and some very serendipitous moments….bring it on!!
Each person’s experience is unique to themselves…but all I can say is that it is Bliss~Full! I could get really greedy with this..can’t wait to have a fourth experience!! So lucky to have this just down the road, but if you want this too Pratika can make it available to all…via skype”. Rinnell

I have had two SKYPE sessions with Pratika both 1/2 hour and l used my own music. In the first Skype session l did not see the colours & shapes. I did feel extremely relaxed, calm, happy & motivated to get in & gets things done. Second Skype session l experienced different colour & shapes. I felt really relaxed & went very deep into meditation. My motivation to get moving on projects & business ideas was great again. I feel the Skype session are greatly beneficial”. Tammy.

Wellbeing through light and sound…