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Wellbeing through sound...     Relax      Rebalance      Rejuvenate

There will be no more SOUND I now live in Thailand 🙂

Profoundly relaxing and therapeutic. At the deepest cellular level the body can rest in the power of sound and sound’s capacity to still the mind, dissolve stress, uplift the spirit and bring us back into alignment with our natural core state of well being

“I used meditation to assist me in my various challenges, and am now delighted to see that ‘Sound Immersion’ is being acknowledged as an effective tool for greater clarity and efficiency in the workplace. Maia and Pratika use their unique gifts and talents to clear and create a space where new possibilities can surface.”

Vicki Scott – Former Director of CHOGM Coordination Qld
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Sound immersions may include:

  • Therapeutic grade quartz crystal singing bowls
  • Alchemy crystal bowls
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Wooden flutes
  • 1 metre wide gong
  • Chimes, ocarinas, seed pods, rattles
  • Freenotes ‘Wings’ metalophones
  • Chakra healing pipes
  • Native American Indian medicine drum
  • Yidaki (didgeridoo)
  • Vocals

Sound immersions can be held at:

  • Any suitable venue (contact me)
  • Doonan (Sunshine Coast)
  • Workplaces


Attend a regular sound immersion held in Doonan or book for your group, special event or workplace

Wellbeing through light and sound…