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Instrumental – 65 mins duration (continuous one track album).

‘Stillness’ is a unique, serenely gentle, therapeutic soundscape of spiralling masculine and feminine harmonics wrapped around the continuous harmonics of the LOVE frequency. Accompanied by subtle instrumental soundscapes, this heart opening album is ideal for deep relaxation, for therapists, yoga, meditation, massage, toning, chanting, assisting sleep, calming children and as supportive background ambient music.
Duration: 65 minutes.

“Beautiful, divine, deep stillness in these sounds. This is a truly exquisite work Pratika and fully embodies it’s title. I love ‘Stillness’ and it’s played in my healing room. Namaste Pratika.” Dianne Graham.

“Wow, beyond beautiful, what a gift to humanity. My whole heart engaged, joy and peace filling my heart…magic. This CD is deeply connecting, and I LOVE it.” Kestrel Maher.

“I just love going to sleep listening to your beautiful ‘STILLNESS’ – Michelle.

ALSO: Highly recommended for deep relaxation, my popular CD – ‘Gently Now

” Your CD ‘Gently Now’ is so calming and nurturing, so beautiful. Its rhythmic pulse beat lulled me into a beautiful safe, relaxed place. Thank you. ” Sonya.

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