Outdoor Freenotes


Designed with acoustic precision and perfect tone by Grammy Award winning musician Richard Cooke, Freenotes are built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of rigorous play and exposure to the elements of nature. Freenotes are perfect for musical beginners and experts alike.

Imagine stepping up to, or wheeling up to a musical instrument you have never played before and being able to make beautiful, rhythmic and melodic music right away. Now imagine the wonder of that experience through the eyes (and ears) of a child. Freenotes instruments captivate attention and are easy to play. Above all, the tones are pure, soothing and acoustically perfect, even when multiple instruments are played at once.

Freenotes instruments enable children to discover confident self-expression that is accessible and enriching. Foster their creativity and the positive returns are boundless.

The Alchemy of Sound is an agent of Outdoor Freenotes in Australia. Please contact Pratika for further information.

Musical Playgrounds

Great for school playgrounds, parks, forests and community projects, these instruments can be installed in any combination. Freenotes guarantee that any grouping of Freenotes instruments delivers quality of sound, right from the start. Several of their instruments are ideal for wheelchair accessible playgrounds and they encourage both children and adults to join in!

Consultation is available to help you choose the right ensemble for the setting and your budget. Freenotes highly encourage a minimum of three instruments as a core ensemble.

Early Education

From the makers of Freenotes…
“We believe that learning to play musical instruments makes a substantial contribution toward academic learning, self-esteem, socialisation and overall well being. As a company Freenotes aspires to enrich learning and lifelong enjoyment of music. Simplifying music and making it readily available often develops an interest in pursuing music in a more traditional sense.”

The Rhyme and the Reason

When children play an instrument or learn a new dance move, they experience a unique integration of body and mind, which is crucial to a child’s readiness for subjects such as reading, writing and math. This process of kinesthetic learning has also been proven to work in helping children with special needs such as ADD, ADHD and autism.

Musical play allows children to make choices and to enjoy themselves in a spontaneous, intuitive manner. Coupled with the outdoor environment and all that it encompasses, Freenotes instruments deliver a rare and exciting learning opportunity that is child focused and socially dynamic. For music therapy, Freenotes instruments add the valued element of being outside.

Harmony Park outdoor instruments – Youtube videos