Om & 128Hz tuning forks

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Om and 128Hz

* I use and sell aluminium tuning forks for these reasons – Aluminum alloy tuning forks are usually used in health and healing applications and emit a tone that is more pure, vibrant, and longer lasting than stainless steel. They produce healing overtones and harmonics that cannot be produced by the more expensive stainless steel forks.

Every organ, every bone, every cell in the body has its own resonant frequency. Together these vibrations make up the body’s composite frequency, often referred to as the the fundamental note.  When an organ or energy centre of the body is out of balance due to stresses, emotional blockages, diet or illness it can affect the wellness of the whole body. Through the principles of vibration and entrainment it is possible to restore the imbalances of the energy fields of the body,  restoring them to balance and harmony using specific combinations of  frequencies from tuning forks.

This set uses two weighted tuning forks of different frequencies..

From my experience I find these two a very potent combination…with the Om (weighted fork) you are returning your client to a vibration of infinite potentiality, strongly aligned and integrated with the universal frequency of expansion, oneness and love. Most people are limited by the narrowness if their reality, unconnected, alone and vulnerable. Om shifts that unconscious awareness into one of universal alignment.

Om – 136.10Hz (weighted fork).

Activate the OM fork, then slowly bring it in closer and closer to the ears as the intensity of the activation begins to recede. Be aware to bring in too close too soon can be painful, so you want to introduce your clients to this frequency gently, allowing for the shift from unconscious to conscious to be a gradual transition.

Then activate again and place in the mid sternum placing the stem of the fork directly onto the skin. Repeat this activation as often as you intuit. I normally do this three times.

128Hz (weighted fork)

The single weighted 128 Hz ‘Otto’ tuning fork is vibrates a Perfect Fifth pulse for balancing the nervous system. This fork can be used anywhere on the body, meridians and acupuncture points. I find it is most potent when used similarily to the Om fork, activating it and placing on the sternum, 2-3 times.

When activated it creates a sonic vibratory pulse, or wave throughout the body. To simplify what this means – the 128 Hz acts through tissue vibration, acting directly through frequency waves to signal the nervous system to relax. This is done through a process called ‘puffing’, where Nitric Oxide is released through the body mass. This is a muscle and nerve relaxant, so the whole body relaxes into the space.

The combination of the two gives a very powerful experience – one opens your client to infinite connection, the other relaxes the body, if there is any stress or tension.

Both work dynamically on and through the body, being sensed as a pleasing sensation by your client.