Koshi Wind Chime


IGNIS (FIRE) Single chime

The enchanting, bright FIRE tuning contains an harmonic circular tonal range of 8 precision-tuned musical notes – GBDGBDGA

  • Creates a greater sense of joy, calm and peace
  • Rich in gentle, soothing harmonic overtones
  • Subtle, unobtrusive classic design in sturdy bamboo veneer
  • Quality handcrafted by musician artisans in the French Alps

Includes FREE download card (sent with your order)
of unique relaxation music created by us in the studio.


$20 discount when you buy a Set of Four Chimes.


Audio Sample:

Further Description

Suitable for many uses:- Relaxation, Feng Shui, sound therapies, meditation, yoga, healing modalities, stress reduction, spas and salons, aged care and child care.

Koshi’s enhance any home or yoga, meditation studio or therapy work space and are an ideal gift for all ages and occasions – house warming, wedding, baby shower, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, birthday and Christmas.

Each Koshi chime sounds complete on its own, and with any other of the tunings, as the beautiful harmonic tones of the different tunings support and enhance each other.