Weighted Chakra Tuning Forks
7 Piece Set

$340.00 $320.00

Chakra set (weighted)

There are seven tuning forks in this set. They are based on the rotational frequencies of the planets around our Sun. These forks are NOT based on a musical scale. The unweighted work more on the subtle, cosmic multi-dimensionality of the auric fields of our chakras, and their surrounding areas. The weighted are used more for working on the body’s meridians/energy centres.

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Further Description

Chakra tuning fork set

ROOT – 194.18 Hz – Earth’s rotational frequency
SACRAL – 210.42 Hz – Moon’s frequency
SOLAR PLEXUS – 126.22 Hz -Sun’s frequency
HEART – 136.10 Hz – Om frequency
THROAT – 141.27 Hz – Mercury’s frequency
THIRD EYE – 221.23 Hz – Venus’s frequency
CROWN – 172.06 Hz – Platonic year of Earth

See also: Tuning fork sets for therapists