128Hz ‘Otto’ Tuning Fork

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128hz Tuning Fork

* I use and sell aluminium tuning forks for these reasons – Aluminum alloy tuning forks are usually used in health and healing applications and emit a tone that is more pure, vibrant, and longer lasting than stainless steel. They produce healing overtones and harmonics that cannot be produced by the more expensive stainless steel forks.

The single weighted 128 Hz ‘Otto’ tuning fork is based on the ‘difference tone’ of the Perfect Fifth. 128Hz is the difference between the 384Hz and 256Hz. The 128Hz vibrates a Perfect Fifth pulse for balancing the nervous system. This fork can be used anywhere on the body, meridians and acupuncture points.

When activated it creates a sonic vibratory pulse, or wave throughout the body, complimenting the sonic resonance created by the Whole Body forks. To increase its effectiveness sound the 128Hz around the ears also.Each fork comes with a rubber block activator.

The 128 Hz acts through tissue vibration, and the C and G tuning forks act through sound waves to signal the nervous system to come back into balance.

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