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Where to hang your Koshi wind chimes

There are many places you can hang your Koshi chimes. Here are some suggestions:

  • hang from curtain rail – use either a hook made from an old wire coat hanger, or a length of light cord
  • directly from the frame around the window if you do not have a curtain rail
  • in front of an air conditioner outlet
  • from the bottom of a bird cage
  • from a verandah hanging pot plant
  • from timber/steel studs under a patio or verandah
  • from the inside of a Bali hut
  • from the inside of a gazebo
  • near louvered windows – e.g. classrooms
  • hang above an opening/entrance door, as the door opens the door moves the paddle hanging below the Koshi causing the chime to sound
  • one of our customers hangs her Koshi chime in front of a fan
  • another hangs her Koshi in the back of her van
  • explore places in your home, office, art space, treatment room, yoga area, meditation space, breeze way, therapy rooms, baby’s room, temple awning, restaurant, outdoor cafe awning, outdoor dining area, back deck, day care centres, aged care facilities, nursing home, beneath outdoor umbrellas, under awnings near front and back doors

I hope these examples help you find the best location for your Koshi chime. If you have an other suggestions please let me know, and I will happily add them to this list.

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