Koshi chime endorsements

At The Alchemy of Sound we have received these testimonials for the delightful Koshi wind chimes….

“Thanks Pratika Sahayak Kshemya I Love my chimes and use them daily! My clients find them magical when I use them around them as they sit or lie on my massage table. Actually they were great over the week end with a client who was havng a hot stone treament. I was giving her a sound bath with various percussion instruments and she found the chimes were gentle soothing, mysical and almost magical in their vibration and dreamy quality. It’s a bit like taking you back to the days of being a child near a little music box with the balerina twirling around. It takes you into a space of void where there is absolutely no thought, just space, possibility and consciousness itself. How does it get any better than that? How does it? “

Hearther Barker. (Maleny)

” Koshi Wind Chimes are not only a finely crafted musical instrument that anyone can use, but are a complete experience. I have had the pleasure of experiencing their gifts first-hand at a Sound Immersion hosted by Maia Kshemya & Pratika Sahayak Kshemya from The Alchemy of Sound https://www.facebook.com/thealchemyofsound. As we passed the chimes around the circle for people to create their own sounds, it was a joy to hear and feel the vibrations and to watch the expressions of sheer delight appearing on faces as we basked in the radiance of what they had just created with the Koshi Wind Chimes. They offer totally organic music making with no mind-intervention required”.

John Rodriquez (Brisbane)

And some more comments from those who have purchased our Koshi Wind Chimes – absolutely delightful, alive, so beautiful, divine, heavenly, extraordinary, exquisite, wow and I lOVE them…

Wellbeing through light and sound…