How to choose a wind chime

An internet search will reveal many different wind chime sellers, selling hundreds if not thousands of different types of wind chimes.

How do you choose which is the best to buy when it is a gift for someone else, or a gift for yourself, and get the best value?.

We all love a wind chime that is pleasing to the ear and eye, and not too loud. The wind chime market is flooded with wind chimes that may look pretty, but can be neither pleasing to the ear, or can be too loud. I have spoken to many people who say they tie their chime up with a rag when the wind blows as they are too loud, and so they will not annoy their neighbours. Others have commented that their chimes are now covered in cob webs, or are broken because of some failure in the design or materials.

Wind chimes have the potential to offer very pleasant sounds that enhance the area where they are hung, be pleasing to the eye, and have a feel good, wow factor. It is the feel good factor that touches the main point of my article.

Quality wind chimes are in effect a musical instrument – and when they are made with an understanding of harmonics they are very pleasing and satisfying.

Understanding this principle when you next choose to purchase a wind chime, and you are searching the internet, choose a seller that gives you sound samples of the range of chimes they are selling, and choose accordingly.Then you can hear which chimes have that feel good factor, and in reckonising that you are tuning into the vibrational frequency of the chime that resonates within you – ideally leaving you with an uplifting, joyful and beautiful experience, where there are no discordant tones, only those that are in balance and harmony.

At The Alchemy of Sound on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia we understand these harmonic principles as we are musicians, and are delighted to sell the four elemental tunings of the Koshi wind chimes. Each tuning is a harmonic instrument of eight notes, each a finely tuned and crafted musical instrument. We instantly fell in love with them when we first heard them, because of that feel good factor and their extraordinarily beautiful and gentle sweet tonal range.

We trust you too will have a similiar experience and be drawn to the Koshi wind chimes as we are, through the sound samples and YouTube videos on our website. We offer great prices, and give a FREE CD gift of our relaxation music with each purchase. You can safely shop on our secure Online store, knowing that our service is informative, fast and reliable, and we post Australia wide.

Happy wind chime purchasing…..

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