Falling in love with a Freenotes Wing

A friend was recently attending a festival in Bundaberg. She was there as a street performer, using roller blades to move around while entertaining the crowds. As she performs she often plays a Freenotes Wing.

As she was performing a woman heard the Freenotes Wing and asked could she buy that one. My friend gave the woman our contact details at The Alchemy of Sound. Yesterday she rang and asked if there was a C Major Wing available.

Today a C major is winging its way to her in Toowoomba – wow is she excited – lovely story, but one that I have experienced a number of times while playing the Wings at the Eumundi Markets. Many a Wing has been purchased by those passing by, all captivated by the harmonic tones of this amazing instrument.

* Please note the Freenotes Wings are only available from The Alchemy of Sound in Australia and New Zealand.

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