Effective relaxation music for children

We get so much feedback from parents, teachers and other’s commenting personally or through testimonials on the affectiveness of our music in calming and quietening the mind and relaxing the body in children.

The album referred to mostly is one of our earliest instrumental albums produced whilst we were living in Costa Rica – Gently Now. At the time we recorded this album we wanted to create an album that was soft and gentle, a style of music that would lead to deep relaxation.

We weren’t particularly creating this style of music for children, but as it has turned out we have found a lot of mother’s and teacher’s were looking for music to quieten excitable minds and active bodies.

Initially it was mother’s and early childhood teacher’s who began to comment on this albums effectiveness. One of the features of the album is its heart beat style pulse beat, which is almost continuous throughout the album.

When the mind is excited and the body is energised this heart beat pulse slowly and effectively begins to slow down these excited activities. Within minutes all begins to quiten and slow down, until the mind and body drops into a quieter more restful place.

At this time deep relaxation is felt and experienced and sleep may follow if required, or in this calm and quiet place other focused activities can commence.

“When the children return from their lunchtime, they are normally very active and can be over stimulated. When I play ‘Gently Now’ they quickly calm, quieten and relax – its great, thank you.” Teacher special needs children Tin Can Bay Qld

Gently Now is just over one hour in duration and has a soft and gentle tempo, one instrument following another maintaining an unbroken thread of soothing music. So next time you are looking for a unique album in its effectiveness in calming children you may wish to consider Gently Now, purchasable through our website at The Alchemy of Sound.

Wellbeing through light and sound…