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Ajna Light copyThe new Pineal Gland Activation Light (Ajna) is an innovative and highly effective Self Therapy Light device for accessing the highest plains of consciousness and realising the deepest relaxation through meditative stillness. It is also a powerful therapy tool for shifting energy that no longer serves our highest purpose.

The Pineal Light connects the user to the core of their sub-conscious through brainwave entrainment using five powerful flickering lights, music and sacred geometry. It is a tool that compliments and accelerates the realizations within an existing practice, or one that awakens the individual to higher conscious states.

Created in 2014 by a Buddhist monk from Chiang Mai, Thailand (Guy Harriman pictured above), the Light uses specific sequences of flickering LED lights set at specific Hz to replicate known brainwave patterns. These Hz frequencies magnify the deeply meditative experiences of the sub-conscious, bypassing the conscious mind, to bring a more relaxed and aware state, by stimulating and opening the pineal gland, the gateway to elevated intuition, presence and pure consciousness.

20150331_093833The Light incorporates the latest in software engineering, LED lighting technology and the practical wisdom and meditative realisations of a Buddhist monk, who was a software engineer and a medical student before producing this, the most potent Light Self Therapy tool.

Importantly as soon as the Light stops flickering, recipients return to their normal brain wave patterns as the Light does not produce any side effects or change brain wave chemistry. The recipient is fully aware, and openly receiving of the experiences in the moment. The beautiful simplicity of receiving, while not having to do anything, except to be in a space of non-attachment and release, is a very powerful element of each session. Each session brings fresh experiences, unique to that time, and it is normal for the ‘flow-on’ benefits from sessions to be assimilated over a number of days/weeks.

It is recommended that before each session the recipient and the practitioner set intentions for the harmonic flow of well being, opening and connection. As a certified and practicing Sound Therapist, I offer Sound Therapy to clients before each Light sessions. Session times can be daily or once/twice a week, or as often as one is guided. It is also recommended that after each session recipients spend some moments in stillness, before re-engaging with daily activities.

20150609_142720One of the most potent aspects of the Light is that it by-passers the conscious mind. Major shifts in consciousness occur when we relax into the process allowing the body’s natural intelligence through the unconscious mind to release embedded emotions and transform old energies/patterns that no longer serve our highest ideals. The Light can bring great clarity to that process, accelerating in a non-verbal and non-judgmental way under the guidance of one’s openness, non-expectations and surrender to releasing and receiving.

The Light generates specific brain wave frequencies/vibrations, that bring real and lasting benefit. These include – Delta 0 – 4 HZ: release of anti-aging hormone, reduction in stress hormone – cortisol. increased empathy, cellular regeneration, higher functioning immune system, deeper level to unconscious mind, deepest levels of relaxation, states of high bliss, out of body experiences. Theta 4 – 8 HZ: reduced anxiety, deep spiritual connection, vivid visualisation, profound creativity, consciously create your reality. Alpha 8 – 14 HZ: pain relief, reduction in stress/anxiety, memory improvement, lucid blissful mental states. Beta 14 – 30HZ: increased motivation, enhanced learning skills, effective treatment against ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), reduces fatigue. Gamma 30 – 100 HZ: preventative treatment for migraines, increased focus, higher learning, increase in short term memory, effective for ADD, high levels of bliss, profound compassion, enhanced senses. Lambda 100 – 300 HZ: works through the crown chakra, high frequency energy – the ‘aha’ state of deepest meditation, complete state of bliss and compassion, spontaneous out of body experiences, deepest levels of insight, extraordinary states of consciousness.

11667362_10206557705436515_8846873250128375899_nThe Light benefits us however we need it most at the time – this is the essence of Light Self Therapy. The benefits of the Light are limitless.

The Light is also very beneficial for people suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. Within a ten-minute session most people have released all of the stress in their body. Even if you have a busy mind, even with your ‘mind chatter’ active while the light sequence is playing, you will automatically be brought into a deeply relaxed state. The Light is ideal for both adults and children, but is NOT to be used on people suffering from EPILEPSY, or people taking anti-psychotic drugs.

The fully adjustable Pineal Activation Light is a most powerful tool for personal and planetary transformation. It can be purchased for exclusive HOME USE, or for use as a RELAXATION AND THERAPY TOOL within an existing practice, or yoga & meditation centre. Its full potential is still being realized as more and more people purchase and offer sessions with the Light.


20150512_154604Endorsed by a number of Thailand’s most acclaimed Buddhist monks, including Suranad Sajjadsophon (pictured), who said “This Light takes me in a very short period of time to the same ‘Light’ I experience is my deep meditations. Suranad said he wholeheartedly supports the Ajna Light as one of the tools for raising human consciousness. I feel very blessed to be at Suranad’s Light session, and to witness and hear his experiences first hand.

Should you need any further information on having a session and experiencing this Light, or about purchasing the Light, please contact me (Pratika – Light Ambassador) through the contact form on the website, OR, OR within Australia 0435447693, international + 61 435447693

**A Light Ambassador is an experienced owner/seller and user of a LIGHT. In this role I am de-light-ed to support new buyers with my knowledge/experiences, until they become full proficient with their Light. I am also available to answer general questions on/about the Light itself.

My session times are mostly on Tuesday/Thursdays at Doonan, Sunshine Coast. But I do offer sessions at other times if these times do not suit, and if you there is a group wanting sessions, I am open to travelling.

Generally it is recommended that first time users of the Light have a short 15-20minute session, follow up sessions adjusting the Light’s settings for a greater variety of experiences, can then be longer – 30mins, 45mins or 1 hour.

As of July 2015, I have had over 350 hours under the Light, and I have more than 30 regular clients who have personal and Skype sessions both here in Australia and overseas.


**Light sessions are also successfully offered using SKYPE (photo above), making sessions accessible anywhere. If you would like a Skype session connect with me through the website Contact Form with your Skype name.


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