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The Alchemy of Sound sells a range of products offering a variety of therapeutic benefits. Any guidance offered by Pratika or anyone acting on his behalf is done so with discernment, knowledge and practical experience, but does not carry any claims or guarantees of healing. At no time do suggestions given constitute or imply a diagnosis or medical advice, nor should they be used as a substitute for medical treatment. For medical advice please see your doctor or health professional.

This also applies to the personal sound therapy sessions offered. In these sessions the sound therapist creates an optimal environment where benefits for wellbeing can occur through the use of chosen sound therapy tools, voice and musical instruments. Therapy sessions should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

The Alchemy of Sound takes all due care to source quality products from quality providers in good faith and is not responsible for any injury that may occur as a result of any alleged fault in manufacture or design, or any use of the products other than what they are intended for and advertised as.

Wellbeing through light and sound…