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‘The Alchemy of Sound’ was founded as an Australian business owned and operated by Pratika Kshemya, who now lives in Roi-et Province, NE Thailand.

The therapeutic properties of sound are increasingly being scientifically verified as technological advances allow for more in-depth studies. These studies confirm the age-old wisdom of the importance of music and sound as a ‘healing’ modality for creating at the deepest cellular level a re-balancing of mental, physical, psychological and emotional states to restore well being.

Pratika is dedicated to offering transformative sound in a variety of forms to provide individuals and groups with uplifting, enjoyable, therapeutic experiences – whether it be through original recorded music created by Pratika, or through interaction at home with your own easy-to-play Freenotes Wings, vibrational tuning forks and exquisite Koshi Wind Chimes – the sounds of which will captivate your heart and enhance your world in so many beneficial ways.


Pratika’s focus in the field of sound therapy is based on profound experiences realised after 20 years as a monk with his Indian meditation teacher and spiritual master. These  extraordinary years  were filled with extended meditation retreats and the highest transformative frequencies of meditative music, offered by his teacher in free global Peace Concerts. Pratika was also a member of international choirs singing his teachers’ meditative compositions.

Embracing these realisations and more awakening experiences with meditation, sound and Light since, Pratika as a member of the International Sound Healers Association is dedicated to exploring all forms of vibrational therapy for bringing connection, harmony and balance in people’s lives.

Pratika now focuses his attentions on the latest therapy device incorporating sound and Light as vibrational tools for profound personal transformation – The Ajna Pineal Light. This extraordinary device which incorporates – Light, vibration, meditation and relaxation is rapidly being purchased and used by therapists around the world.


“I just love your beautiful soft resonate music – divine – I play it in my yoga classes and what a balanced vibe. A heart felt thank you for your beautiful CDs.”

Shanti Ma (Australia)

“Pratika and Maia emanate pure peace as their instruments become extensions of their spiritual awareness and expression. The sound brings the listener a heartfelt inner stillness. Their music is an experience that vibration is at the very core of all that is. A unique combination and sound.”

Jonathan Wills (Australia)

“Using your music guarantees that my clients go into a deeply meditative state, which makes it a lot easier to work. We have experienced it over and over. The music flows seamlessly and soothes the client and the therapists with calm, ethereal notes.”

Leonardo Cordero (Costa Rica). Ayurvedic Clinical Therapist, Meditation Teacher

“I have used Gently Now in yoga class and also on our last retreat and it is fabulous, so resonant and peaceful. It really is quite magical…if you want music to relax to or for ‘healing arts’ it is perfect.

Kathleen (Australia)

“Your music has touched me deeply. It is so mesmerising, and it really takes me to a place of such peace. How fortunate I feel to have found your music. Thank you for the special gift you have created, and for the part it is now playing in my healing.”

Trudi Bareham (Australia)

“I don’t think you realize the effect your music has had on my life. I have never, before nor since, experienced an event more profound and spiritually uplifting than ‘A Celebration of Harmony’. I shall never forget that beautiful, magical night – it was awe inspiring!!! "

Kati Winnigrad (Costa Rica)

“AMAZING, truly beautiful music and a magical atmosphere was created -we did not want it to end! We hope you keep bringing to many more people as much internal peace as you have brought to us.”

Katy (Costa Rica)

“Your music is pure healing magic. Thanks for the gift.”

Margot (EFT Practitioner & Trainer, Ireland)

“Your sound immersion was beautiful, inspiring, heart warming, uplifting, soul nurturing, joyous… my heart is filled with gratitude.”

Karyn Maher (Australia)

“To enter meditation it takes a conscious step to still my mind. Experiencing your music, no conscious step occurs. The music is divine – a heavenly elixir that transports you into a heightened state of peace, openness and reflection.”

Ian Lewis ~ Project Engineer (Australia)

“Your music is truly a gift which enriches all who hear it. The way that it quickly and beautifully calms the mind needs to be experienced. If only there were more like you, the world would be a much better place, thank you.”

Andrew Farrell (Australia)

“Today my husband and I went for our Bowen therapy. We go every week but today I noticed something different….the music! It was so calming and nurturing, more than usual. I asked our therapist about it. It was your CD ‘Gently Now’….made especially for healing. Let me just say it works! It’s beautiful, that rhythmic beat lulled me into a beautiful safe, relaxed place. Thank you. "

Sonya Coleman (Australia)

“Simply beautiful…I had the great pleasure of hearing Maia and Pratika perform ‘live’ when Deepak Chopra toured Australia, and was so moved by their playing that I bought their music immediately.”

Anne Marie (Australia)

“The gong IS amazing, thank you very much Pratika for an absolutely phenomenal experience today. Wow!”

Kate (Australia)

“Beautiful music, so strangely familiar to me, yet hauntingly new and different. Exquisite. A completely different experience from other meditation music, a level of subtlety that resonates within and enriches the world.”

Peter (Australia)

“I’d just like to thank you again for the chance to work with you. It’s been such a wonderful journey, to help bring this music-to-live-by to the world. I’m sure it will touch many people profoundly as it has touched me.”

Stephen Hamacek, Sound Engineer (Australia)

“I used meditation to assist me in my various challenges, and am now delighted to see that ‘Sound Immersion’ is being acknowledged as an effective tool for greater clarity and efficiency in the workplace. Maia and Pratika use their unique gifts and talents to clear and create a space where new possibilities can surface.”

Vicki Scott – Former Director of CHOGM Coordination Qld

“Before your Sound Immersion I was in a fair amount of pain. I left with very little. Thank you.”

Sibylle Werner (Australia)

“Simply beautiful music…I have been in search for something new and inspiring for a while. In my busy life I find myself looking for things that help balance me and return my focus to the heart and soul, rather than the mad pace of the mind and senses”.

Anne Marie (Australia)

“What an impact your Sound Immersion had on the rest of my week, my mood was lifted, I felt light and joyful, I didn’t engage in my usual Friday afternoon de-stress wine. I will definitely attend another one of your beautiful sound immersions.”  Kylie Johnson.

“Before your Sound Immersion I was in a fair amount of pain. I left with very little. Thank you.” Sibylle Werner.

“The gong IS amazing, thank you very much Pratika for an absolutely phenomenal experience today. Wow!” Kate.

“Your Sound Immersion is truly a gift which enriches all who hear it. The way that it quickly and beautifully calms the mind needs to be experienced. If only there were more like you, the world would be a much better place, thank you.” Andrew.

“Listening to Maia and Pratika's music is like being in a moment where all is perfect as it is, where all time simply stops, and peace reigns”

Anayah Joi Holilly Founder and Executive Producer Angel Heart Radio

“It was sooooooo sublime!!……LOVE YOU GUYS!!!…..I was totally transported to the oceanic realm and dimensions of the whales…….as you were playing the didge Pratika, and Maryke Love voice channeling, toning the frequencies and language of magical realms I felt so deeply held, nurtured and surrounded in sonic bliss!! Super spesh……thank you dear ones!!! XXXOOO”.

Oriya Voice Weaver (Australia, referring to the Whale Songlines Immersion)

“I am very grateful to have received a sound therapy session from Pratika. I am going through major life changes at the moment and this session brought me into my quiet, still centred place for peace and healing. Thank you Pratika for your warm intuitive approach and for the healing this session has been for me!”

Chris (Australia)

“Thank you Pratika for the beautiful sound healing therapy session yesterday. I was able to spend very grounded time with my sick friend when I got home and then had a lovely evening with Kate’s children – thank you so much.”

Marlie (Australia)

Wellbeing through light and sound…