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Wellbeing through sound...     Relax      Rebalance      Rejuvenate

Enjoy the proven benefits of harmonic sounds through these store products,
Full Moon Sound Immersions and private and group sound therapy sessions…

Precision tuned + FREE FREIGHT (in Oz) for discounted set of 4

From $75

Four Freenotes Wing tunings
EXCLUSIVE to the Alchemy of Sound!

From $400

Widely used & transformative
original therapeutic music

From $10

Tops, Skirts, Dresses & Pants
Unbleached Raw Cotton garments

Sets from $45

For harmonic balancing - weighted and unweighted sets

From $40

Earthy, primordial, grounding
and medicinal by name!

From $320

Wellbeing through light and sound…

Full Moon Sound Immersions

Monthly Full Moon Events - Profoundly therapeutic, uplift the spirit and re-balance to the natural state of well being. Next event - Monday 28th Sept -


Workshops are offered to assist people to understand and better utilise sound. The therapeutic benefits are highly effective, non-invasive and profound in creating sustained balance and well-being.

NEW - Pineal Gland Light

Pineal Gland Activation Light.
Endorsed by many of Thailand's leading Buddhist monks….
Experience the deepest states of the meditative sub-conscious
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Blogs are posted from time to time, things I feel inspired to share, like:
'Music for alcohol and drug dependent children', 'Choosing a Koshi Wind Chime according to star sign' and 'Freenotes Wings being used for autistic children'