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Wellbeing through sound...     Relax      Rebalance      Rejuvenate

Enjoy the proven benefits of harmonic sounds through these store products,
Full Moon Sound Immersions and private and group sound therapy sessions…

Finely crafted Koshi chimes
4 distinct harmonic tunings
Discount - $20 for set of 4

From AU$65

SOLD OUT - very popular
availailable mid - 2016
EXCLUSIVE - The Alchemy of Sound

From AU$420

Popular for massage, yoga
early childhood, assist. sleep
aged care, reiki, tai chi

From AU$10

Attend advertised retreats
or book venue for your retreat


For vibrational alignment
chakra balancing, energy clearing

From AU$40

NEW - Vibrational set combinations
Coming Soon

To be announced..

Wellbeing through light and sound…

Full Moon Sound Immersions

Update coming


Update coming

NEW - Pineal Light Therapy

Global Skype sessions
Questions about the Light's
therapeutic benefits,
or wanting to purchase?
Please contact me -


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